Sell with HomeBid
Only 1.95% commission! Get unbiased and independent information on the current market value of your home from a Registered Professional Valuer.
  • Your HomeBid Agent will assist you throughout the entire process.
  • HomeBid will market your home to 2,5 million potential Buyers each month.
  • HomeBid will ensure that only financially pre-qualified potential Buyers may bid on your home.
  • Your HomeBid appointed Attorney will guide you through the sale and registration process.
  • You save commission of up to R65 000 for every R1 million of the sales price of your home.
Unbiased & Independant Valuation
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How does HomeBid work?
With over 40 years of experience in the Property industry the Homebid Team recognizes that the selling of your home is one of the most important decisions in your life. HomeBid will ensure that this is a rewarding experience for you whilst at the same time saving you up to 6.5% commission or R65 000 per R1 million of the sale price of your home.

The Homebid Agent will begin the process by arranging an independent and unbiased valuation of your home. The valuation report will be prepared by a Registered Professional Valuer and available to the Seller. This comprehensive and transparent report will include the current market value which will assist the Seller in correctly listing the sale price of their home. There is a refundable, nominal cost for this valuation report.

The HomeBid Agent will arrange photographs and listing of your home for sale on as well as on 19 other property portals such as,,, etc. visited by over 2,5 million people monthly. In addition, HomeBid will be using innovative marketing techniques to market your home to these potential Buyers
Financially pre-qualified buyers will have access to the unbiased and independent valuation report of your home. Homebid will ensure that the potential Buyers provide a bank finance approval letter or alternatively Homebid will arrange finance on the Buyer’s behalf. These steps aid the transparency and integrity of the HomeBid process.
The Buyer will now have the opportunity via HomeBid to make a confidential formal bid offer for your home, which may include their relevant conditions of purchase. This bid offer is directed to your HomeBid appointed Attorney who advises you on the bid offer. Should you accept the bid, your Homebid Attorney will notify the successful bidder. Thereafter, the Attorney will finalise the agreement of sale between the Parties and attend to the registration of the property in the Deeds Office.
Keeping you in the loop
You will be guided effortlessly through the HomeBid process, enabling you to save on commission of up to R65 000 for every R1 million value of your home.
Your Homebid Agent will be in constant communication with you supporting you every step of the way. In addition you will have access to your own confidential dashboard on which allows you to check up on the status of your transaction.

Transparency and integrity is a hallmark of the HomeBid process.