7 Deadly Property Sins for Sellers - Pride

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Pride Pricing your property?

Are you guilty of looking to your neighbours when pricing your property? This is the sin that many sellers are guilty of when deciding to sell their Home. Pricing your property is so much more than looking at the price other people achieved and letting your pride decide if your home is better or worse. Pricing your property correctly entails swallowing your pride and trusting an expert valuator to help price your home. The valuator is looking to give you a true reflection of what your home is worth. They are not looking to win your business by overpricing your home to impress you. Your Home is most likely your largest investment, which means you should do yourself the favour of getting the expert out to price your home from the start.

At HomeBid, we use expert non-biased Valuators to price your home, not because we are looking to win your business but because we pride ourselves in pricing your home correctly. These area Valuators unlike a Real Estate agent have studied to specifically appraise your property and this gives us a realistic idea of what your property can achieve. Our model is all about remaining transparent with you the whole time and not to play cloak and dagger with the pricing of your home, we are here to help you sell your home.

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