7 Deadly Property Sins for Sellers - Greed

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Growing Greed for Goods killing you?

Have your memories from yesteryear clogged up your space? Are there mountainous piles of stuff lying everywhere? The very reason Verimark still exists is because many of us want the latest gadget or the newest shiny thing. However, when it comes to selling your home, this is not the most ideal situation. People use their imagination when shopping for their new home, but that imagination can only take one so far, before someone is borderline delusional.

When putting your home on the market the best thing to do is to depersonalise and declutter your home. The aim is not to make it look like nobody lives there, but all the spaces should be neat and tidy. Here at HomeBid we understand that you have to live in your home throughout the sale and we are not asking you to stage your home every Sunday for no good reason, but we do believe that a tidy house will help the buyer imagine their new home, when they are viewing your place.

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