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Now you will have all the transparent facts at your fingertips to make an informed decision when buying the home of your dreams.
  • Get financially pre-qualified via the HomeBid Financial Team
  • Gain access to a Registered Professional Valuers’ home valuation
  • Buy through HomeBid and save up to R65 000 per R1 000 000 in agents commission
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How does HomeBid work?
Accurate independent valuations
Low commission for sellers
Pre-qualify for a home loan
Accurate independent valuations
HomeBid offers you a truly revolutionary professional service when buying your home. We guarantee transparency and integrity throughout the process.

With over 40 years of experience in the Property industry the HomeBid Team recognizes that buying your home is one of the most important decisions in your life. HomeBid will ensure that this is a rewarding experience for you whilst at the same time saving you up to R65 000 for every R1 million of the price of the home.

Homebid only charges the Seller 1.95% commission (excluding Vat) paid on transfer. Estate Agents are currently charging 7.5% plus Vat. The Seller can now offer their home at a lower selling price, as they don’t have to build in the higher commission being charged by Estate Agents. This represents a saving for you of up to R65 000 for every R1 million of the value of the home.

In addition, by reducing your mortgage bond by that R 65 000 saving for every R 1 million of the purchase price of your home, you potentially save a further R 153 000 in bond capital and interest repayments at 9.25% p.a. over the 20 year life of your bond.

This means a potential saving for you of R 153 000 on a R 1 million home, R 306 000 saving on a R 2 million home, R 459 000 saving on a R 3 million home, R 612 000 on a R 4 million home and a R 765 000 saving on a R 5 million home.

HomeBid offers its professional service in all major centres throughout South Africa.
An unbiased and independent valuation report of the home you are interested in, will be available to you once you have registered and been financially pre-qualified by the HomeBid Financial Team. HomeBid will guide you through the pre-qualification finance approval process.
The HomeBid Financial Team ensures that all potential bidders have been financially pre-qualified. The HomeBid Financial Team’s Analyst will be in contact with you to obtain the necessary financial information to ensure you qualify for the finance to buy the home of your dreams. HomeBid operates in a strictly confidential environment. This integrity and transparency is a hallmark of the HomeBid process.
Once you are financially qualified , you will have the opportunity via HomeBid to make a confidential formal bid offer on a home, including your terms and conditions of purchase. This bid offer is directed to the Seller’s HomeBid appointed Attorney who advises the Seller on your bid offer. Should your bid be accepted by the Seller, the Homebid Attorney will notify you. Thereafter, the Attorney will finalise the agreement of sale between the Parties and attend to the registration of the property in the Deeds Office.
Keeping you in the loop
Your dedicated HomeBid Agent will continuously keep you updated.
HomeBid will also provide you with a confidential dashboard on enabling you to track your progress in finding the home of your dreams.

Transparency and integrity is a hallmark of the HomeBid process.